Balance Your Life                             Enlighten Your Spirit!

What is life? Life is Tea! The color, the fragrance, the taste, and the aftertaste of tea are symbols of the state of our mind, our spirit, and our lives. The depth of the character of tea and of you is our mission to discover, to cultivate, to develop, and to serve. To serve who you are as a cup of tea with your humbleness, consciousness, grace and compassion is the highest practice of life and the honest creation of our art. 

Serving tea is a Marriage between Host and Guest. The moment of extending our hands is an invitation for relationship. While intention and attention are engaged in the presence of guest, an emotion of love is served in the motion of pouring. Energy, bliss, grace, peace, love, compassion, mercy, and presence all in a cup of tea. When a cup of tea is served in the art of grace, the time of the moment becomes timeless, the journey of drinking is everywhere and nowhere. And yet, everything bonds together, the unity of one, the unity of presence, the unity of instant, the unity of be and the unity of you.

The Art of Presence in Guitian's Tea Cup at the club's Tea Ceremony!